Video Spotlight -Caymen Sans’ 350z by Tahjee Wallace

Another thing that I had on my check list for the site was doing video spotlights, where I post videos that I find are interesting and are worth watching. As a “videographer” myself, I enjoy watching other people’s work and vision in order for me to be able to see what I can do better with my videos. I always believe that there is always a way to become better at what you do and one of the best way is learning from other people.

And what better way of starting this section off with a video that surprisingly broke the internet for awhile; Tahjee Wallace’s video of Caymen Sans’ 350Z.


A little bit of BTS but I was actually there while Tahjee was shooting Caymen’s Z. You can actually spot me in the video when the song changes where I drive behind him holding up traffic lol. Anyways, I actually love this video because its so well done. From the transitions to the music selections to the simple things like the angles, they all work together to create a great video. It might sound biased because the midnightrush name is on there, but I’m telling you that if I didn’t enjoy the music or the video at all, I wouldn’t be making this post right now or even wasting my time on it.


These photos are pretty old and my editing style (and watermark) has changed since then so excuse me. Anyways, I’ve seen Tahjee use a hoverboard in order to get those smooth shots that you see in the video, sort of the same technique that a lot of other people use with skateboards to get smooth free-flowing shots. I’ve seen him hang on the back of a Ford Explorer just to get those rolling shots in the beginning, and I was RIGHT behind him as they were doing that. Needless to say, it takes some balls to really get those angles to set you apart from the crowd.

Okay I babbled too much in this article. Time for the video! Thank you Tahjee Wallace and Junior Smith for coming down to Raleigh to shoot Caymen’s Z. Still one of my favorite videos to date.

Tahjee Wallace Instagram: @tahjeewallace
Junior Smith Instagram: @jr_eg
Caymen Sans’ Instagram: @caywonks

Hoang Pham
Instagram: @midnightrush_hoang


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