Video Spotlight – Drift missiles really banned at Ebisu? by NORIYARO has been one of my absolute favorite websites to go to whenever I want to see what’s been going in Japan. I’m especially a huge fan of Alexi Smith’s youtube videos as they are very well done and easy to watch. He released this video about a week ago to basically explain the reasoning behind ebisu’s banned on “missile cars” while also clarifying some misunderstandings about what a missile car is. It’s a really interesting video and hopefully lets you understand a lot more about the whole missile thing. Plus I just think the way the entire video is put together is pretty cool, with the whole green screen thing.

Video by Noriyaro

P.S. I’ll be writing the second part of automotive photography and YOU soon. I haven’t found enough time to be able to gather all of my thoughts together so I haven’t put much thought into it, but I can guarantee you it will come soon!

Hoang Pham
Instagram: @midnightrush_hoang


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