Event Coverage – Cars and Coffee Wake Forest

It’s been awhile since I’ve last gone to a cars and coffee event, mainly because everytime I go, I would be excited for the entire week and then on the morning of would make the last minute decision to sleep in because it was too cold. I told myself this time around that I would actually go because of two reasons; I needed to make a vlog for my channel to keep it updated and I also wanted to try out my new lens since I haven’t gotten much use of it ever since I got it.


By 7am I was already dressed and by 8am I was already there with breakfast and everything. Once I got there I had already saw a few familiar faces, even before Caymen even got there.


Chris Mason’s SRT-4 is one of the more unique cars that I’ve seen. I’ve never really liked these cars but after meeting so many people with them, I can see why people enjoy these cars. Aesthetic wise however, this one has been one of my favorites.

dsc_0857When I arrived, Drew Issacs pulled in front of me in his 3000GT VR4 and I remember saying “damn, this car looks amazing in person”. He had just gotten the car a couple of weeks back and I was really surprised that he came across this gem. It was a rare model with only 287 of them were made in the U.S. with only 5(?) white ones in NC. It’s a one owner low milage car and it literally looked like it rolled off the showroom floor. Possibly my favorite part of the car is that massive huge wing in the back. Not many people like that style, but I think it suits the car fairly well.

dsc_0885Walking through the lot, I came across this bagged LS430. Love the simple silver/black scheme that it’s rocking. Drew Issac and Chris Mason also made it into the picture…lol.

dsc_0936Like I said, that wing is amazing. Most of the car is entirely factory too, except for exhaust, taillights, coilovers and I think some other small modifications.

dsc_0958The Final Form S14 pulling up to cars and coffee while breaking kid’s necks on accident.

Good to see this machine again, since the last time I actually saw it in person was Morrisville a few gray hairs ago. Sadly I didn’t get to see the owner, Sean Brown. I never stand around Cars and Coffee for too long because I just get anxious that I might miss out on cool cars, but because of that I miss the chance on meeting cool people until like 15 minutes before the event ends.

dsc_0977As usual at events, people will always walk in the camera’s way whenever you’re about to take a photo, but luckily I’ve build some sort of patience when it comes to dealing with this stuff.

dsc_0988One of my favorite shots of the Final Form S14. Everything just works together so well and it’s not a “confused” build. By that, I mean it has an identity. It has a purpose. There are a lot of cars out there nowadays that just looked like they were pick-n-pulled together and there’s no sort of identification or purpose to it.

dsc_1015I took A LOT of photos on this specific car alone which I’ll feature later on in the article. Cars like this don’t come around often, because this is my idea of the perfect time attack S14.

dsc_1056Keeping with the Silvia theme, Adam James pulled up for a quick second with his S14. A lot of people know Adam for his silver wide S2000 or even his bagged 2IS. Good to see you for a second man!

dsc_1060Here was one appearance that I was not expecting for Cars and coffee; Royal Republic’s S15 and C63 AMG. I haven’t seen these two cars in awhile (mainly because I haven’t gone to any event in awhile) so it was pretty cool to see these two again with Steve Nguyen driving the S15 and Vinh Nguyen driving Cindy Nguyen’s C63 AMG. Now that is NGUYENING!

dsc_1064To be honest, the entire day felt like I was in Japan for the day. I mean not EVERYTHING but seeing S15s, S14s, R32s and Supras around you, you can’t help but to realize that we only have a few more years until the market is flooded with legendary japanese cars.

dsc_1077This car is just insane. This photo gives you a good reference on how huge of tires that this thing is running. Insane.

dsc_1139This bagged GTR was a nice treat to see as well. After seeing it on my feed for awhile, I knew I was going to come across it soon. I have to do an article on this particular edit soon. The original photo was so dark and not ideal but experimentation to some settings led to surprising results. One of my favorite photos from this event.

dsc_1151Before Caymen left, he wanted to take a photo of me in front of Steve’s S15. From the motherland!

dsc_1215Now, some more photos of the FF S14. My favorite wheels along with a perfect complimenting set of Project Mu brakes…

…along with a “all-about-business” like interior setup. Its stripped, gutted, and only has the essentials it needs to be able to pull a fast lap time.

dsc_1237It also has all carbon door panels, which I’ve always liked. Cleaner look and saves weight!

dsc_1254Under the hood, it has an RB25 swap which makes some serious power. Now I actually have no clue how much power it’s making but I know it had gotten some serious upgrades.

Before I even knew it, the event was already over. The entire lot had already left and the only cars that were still there were the Final Form S14, Scott Alexander’s Mine’s Tuned R32 GTST on Square 33 wheels…

Along with Tam Nguyen’s RB26 swapped S14. The Japanese legends lives on. It was cool to catch up and see everyone yesterday! I took a lot of video for yesterday’s vlog, so that will be posted on the site once I get it done. For now, you can see a preview of what I got from Cars and Coffee on my instagram. Link is after the jump. For more photos, check out our Facebook page here!

Hoang Pham
Instagram: @midnightrush_hoang




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