Updates on Apparel!

Sorry for the lack of ongoing updates on the site. As of now, it’s only me running pretty much everything social media wise and this week has just been hectic since it is the week before Spring Break. Anyways, couple of nights ago, Caymen, his cousin Jordan and I decided to go downtown in order to capture some #toyostillvideos and some shots of the sample hoodie that we just got in.

For those who don’t know what the Toyo Video Still “challenge” is, basically the concept started when @mascunanabear started his new “Still” video series with Toyo. What it is is basically a 30 second-minute long video still of just a still video clip of the car in picture. The point of this is to have a “handheld” look, sort of how Need For Speed did it in their video games. Matching music with it is also a plus. I ended up making a couple which you can see below.

I also ended up snapping a couple of photos downtown as well. Since I didn’t have my camera with me, Caymen was kind enough to let me borrow his camera since we actually use the same camera. I shot these with his 35mm f1.8.


Along with these of Jordan’s Genesis’, which is with the 85mm f1.8.


I love nights like these where we just randomly find ourselves in downtown taking photos and laughing because it gives me time to recollect my thoughts on everything I want to do when it comes to Midnightrush. I’ve put in a lot of time, thought, and effort into where it is today and happy with where it is. I don’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to things I release because at the end of the day, Midnightrush will be on it and because I’m so proud of the brand and what it stands for, I want to make the right choices the first time, so that is why it’s taking so long for me to release these…


I’m happy with the way these came out, along with shirts too which I keep forgetting to take a picture of. Overall I think I like the layout of the hoodies better with the logo in the middle instead of in the pocket, but would love everyone else’s input on the position of the logo!


My original plan for clothing was to use a site called Spreadshirt and just design the shirts that way since they print everything AND ship in house as well, which makes things convenient for me. The problem with that is prices do get a little bit high but it’s nothing that is too much. Either way, I already made the conclusion to not go with spreadshirt after all and instead let another company do it. Whether it’s local or not, I will have it all figured out soon. This way I can have it made cheaper with same great quality while charging less than $50, or maybe even $40 (for hoodies. Shirts will be even cheaper!). We’ll see how everything goes.


I’m also planning to release lanyards as well. Stickers will be produced as you know already but I’m also planning to re-release some old school stuff which you will have to find out when it drops. I didn’t plan to make this much stuff but everyone seems to be liking everything that has been produced so far, so why not? Let’s make 2017 big.

Thank you to everyone for their support so far. This is my first time when it comes to things like this so I’m still learning as everything goes. I have a lot of fears when it comes to this time of stuff but if you’re not out there conquering what scares the shit out of you, what are you doing?

Hoang Pham
Instagram: @midnightrush_hoang


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